General elections are around the corner already. Our beloved state overcame innumerable difficulties to get back on track of accelerated growth and development, no doubt due to heavenly wisdom and superhuman work ethic from our beloved Chief Minister,
Staying on course needs clear vision, organized plan and steady execution. As NRIs we need to chip in as much as we can, to ensure stability and continuity of leadership... more than ever to create prosperity and conducive environment in our motherland.


What can I do as an NRI? I don’t even live there!
As a TDP loyalist, you can do more than ever because our Hon Chief Minister had established just for you…
Influence the local thought leaders/family in your constituency
Help TDP by actively participating in social media campaigns

Since NRIs have voting rights now, you can function as an ERP Commander for your constituency to

  • Enlist (enumerate) all NRTs that have kept their Indian passports.
  • Register as voters by following a simple procedure
  • Motivate them to vote via Proxies at the time of the election

  • How to stay connected to the local TDP wing and gel with them?
  • As soon as you enlist as a volunteer, you will be issued a Digital TDP card
  • Picture of your card describes Your constituency, Points Earned and Star Status
  • All NRI ERP commanders will be kept connected to TDP brass via a dedicated call center and local constituency in charges
  • Multiple tools and campaign materials, scripts etc will become accessible at

  • Come and join the TDP-NRI ARMY today! Please go ahead and refer your interested friends to create an even bigger impact and collect more TDP points !!!!

    Get your "FORM6A" before 31st October, 2018

    Chakradhar  Paruchuri

    Sudhakara Rao  Kudaravalli

    Venkat Subba rao   Alla